• BlueSnap Underwriting Fee

    Don't have a high quality logo? No problem, we will create a vector file of your logo so that it can be used on your drugstore2door website.
  • DS2D – EngagementHub

    From: $100.00 / month
    EngagementHub is the all-in-one platform for independent pharmacies, designed to streamline operations and enhance patient engagement. Integrating tools like WebEssentials, PayConnect, AppointmentHub, CommunityConnect, PatientConnect, and TrustConnect, EngagementHub centralizes your digital presence, payment collection, appointment scheduling, community management, patient communication, and reputation management. Tailored for independent pharmacies, it empowers you to build stronger patient relationships, improve efficiency, and drive business growth. Transform your pharmacy with EngagementHub, where comprehensive management meets exceptional patient care.
  • DS2D – Full Site +

    From: $199.00 / month
    This package includes a full website (to replace your existing) with a built in online shopping platform which provides a convenient experience to your patients. The product catalog is preloaded with top selling products from your wholesaler as well as the wholesalers private label line.
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